Our platform is built on your trust, so we take privacy and security seriously!

Here is some examples how we do it:

Data Protection

  • We protect your data with encryption
  • We are using web application firewall
  • We are only storing password hashes and using multi-factor authentication
  • We are compliant with strict Europian privacy regulations
  • We are committed to follow international standards such as ISO 27001/27018 and industry best-practices


  • Our platform is designed for high availability
  • We have protection against brute-force attacks and redundancy on every level

Continous Retesting

  • We are using SAST and DAST tools to analyze our code and detect potentially vulnerable code
  • We have an ongoing process to tesing procedure with professional pentesters

In our team there are experienced security professionals and we continuously want to improve our platform.

That't how we will keep your data protected and accessible at all times. If you have more question about our security, please contact us.

Our Missions

Our platform helps to identify vulnerabilities in a cost-efficient way. It provides a single, trusted view of ethical hacking projects across the company.

Oxo Cybersecurity Lab
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