HackGATE is the industry's first complete solution for controlling and monitoring pentest projects.

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Organizations face a number of challenges controlling and monitoring pentesters' work. HackGATE enables you to monitor ethical hackers while providing capabilities to control the traffic easily and seamlessly.

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No changes need to be made in your IT environment; the dashboard enables quick configuration.

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HackGATE is suited to supervise the hacking activities and improve the accountability of pentesters.

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HackGATE helps you to detect suspicious activity by identifying unusual deviations to baselines.

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HackGATE helps you achieve the highest level of transparency during ethical hacking activities.

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HackGATE is an enterprise-level monitoring appliance designed for ethical hacking projects that help you take the control back.

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HackGATE can simplify compliance audits by providing accurate information about the projects.

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Make security testing transparent.

HackGATE acts as an application-level gateway. Therefore, the security testing traffic is inspected on the application level (Layer 7 in the OSI model).

With HackGATE, you can control and log the traffic, and based on that, you can create transparent reports about the security tests, including what type of attacks were used and which functionalities were tested.

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Separate the pentester and real-life attacks

HackGATE provides authentication functionality so that you can enforce the use of strong authentication methods before ethical hackers access your IT system. It means that if the user is allowed to get access, HackGATE logs all activities during the project. Therefore, with HackGATE, you can isolate unknown intruders and penetration testers.
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Advanced technologies to analyse the projects

HackGATE is an external, fully transparent device and independent from the pentesters. HackGATE is integrated with a leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system to identify the attack types, log security data, and generate reports for compliance purposes. With HackGATE, you can make sure that the testing is comprehensive.
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Keep an eye on your ethical hacking projects

Ethical hackers are doing sensitive actions in your IT environment. Therefore, it is essential to actively monitor their activities during the project to know what data they have access to. HackGATE helps you to control access to your IT system. With HackGATE authentication functionality, pentesters can be tracked beyond an IP address.
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Take advantage of the opportunities

While improving transparency, HackGATE can significantly enhance the project's quality and help reduce the operational tasks. For example, it becomes easier to deploy a test system by allowing access to a webserver only from HackGATE IP addresses. In addition, you can quickly identify that only the pentesters test your cybersecurity capabilities.
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Want to know more about HackGATE? Download our detailed datasheet today to find out how can you control and monitor your pentest projects with HackGATE.

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HackGATE is developed by Hackrate, an independent crowdsourced security vendor specified to provide ethical hacking services.

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