Traditional penetration tests have an essential role in IT security today; however, there are some limitations to it. For example, professional penetration testers follow a standard methodology, conduct similar testing for each assessment. Furthermore, the planning of the project can be lengthy and penetration testers' hourly wage is paid regardless of the results.

To get better results, you need motivated ethical hackers who will test your application beyond a standard checklist in order to find hidden weaknesses. With Penetration Testing as a Service, the result is an in-depth assessment of weaknesses and truth about how well prepared you are for a real-life attack.

Penetration test as a service provides you with a safe, controlled way to test your systems.

Use PenTest as a Service to manage your security tests and be sure that your company is secure.

{Why PenTest as a Service?}

In-depth assessment

The global community of motivated, ethical hackers with a more diverse skillset can provide much better results than traditional pentests. Our ethical hackers hold industry-recognized certifications such as OSCP, OSCE, CISSP, and CEH.


With PenTest as a Service, you can choose from a great variety of testing services, from a web app and mobile app testing to API testing. Our team gives you support during the planning process and we make sure that the testing can start within a few days.

Real-time visibility

Access the reported vulnerabilities immediately via our platform. We help you to determine the severity of bugs and we make sure that you only receive accurate reports. With Hackrate, you can keep vulnerability reports centralized and easily manageable.

Ticketing system integration

With our platform, the reported vulnerabilities can be easily added to ticketing systems like Jira Cloud.

Ensure compliance

By testing your security capabilities regularly, we help you to comply with security standards and regulations.

Verified Hackers

To provide a group of selected and verified ethical hackers, we are using Onfido verification services.

Crowdsourced security testing provides a unique method to find your weaknesses and be more secure.

Test your application, API, or network for any security vulnerabilities. You can choose from a great variety of testing services:

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We help you to set up appropriate defenses for your company.

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To get more information about other services, visit mVPD and Bug Bounty Program.

Download our comparison about crowdsourced vs. traditional penetration tests.

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Our platform helps companies to identify software vulnerabilities in a cost-efficient way. It provides a secure and centralized view of ethical hacking projects for your company.

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